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Lucano – Amaro Zero° is designed for those looking for a sophisticated product that can also be used in mixology for an alcohol-free aperitif.

The colour is delicately orange and the bouquet is a triumph of Mediterranean essence: aromas of myrtle, rosemary and citrus blend elegantly with chamomile. The taste is expectedly bitter and surprisingly delicate at the same time. The result is a pleasantly intense flavour that is surprisingly delicate at the same time.

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    Lucano – Amaro Zero° is the epitome of SUSTAINABILITY within the Lucano product range. Every component of the package is completely RECYCLABLE.
    The glass and aluminium of the bottle and top are 100% recyclable, the cardboard box in which the bottles are contained is made from FSC-certified and recyclable recycled paper and the label is made with 100% sustainable components: a part is made from recycled materials from citrus fruit processing waste, another from recycled paper and the remaining from FSC- certified paper using particularly innovative technology with a low environmental impact.


    Based on a secret recipe, the result of a delicate blending of more than 30 herbs, the myth Amaro Lucano is born.

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    Amaro Lucano, in a prestigious version to celebrate the company's 120 years of history.

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